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Hello Farmer, This is A New product from GNLD COMPANY (Super Gro Fertilizer) that makes the fish to grow very fast, not harmful to their health. GNLD fish products are not chemical based products, they are made from Nature. They are suitable for Mud, Concrete, Plastic and Earth Ponds.

* It promote the growth of phytoplankton in the pond.
* It prevent fish mortality and cannibalism.
* It increase the ability of oxygen dissolving in fish pond.
* It reduces changing water on daily basis.
* It reduces ammonia level and maintain water PH.
* It promote uniform growth of the fish.
* It is effective in many types of fish pond eg. Plastic,earth and concrete pond.
* It is hygienic when compared with organic mature.
* It also prevent offensive odours and scurrying. Etc.

FOR HOME AND OFFICE DELIVERY ANY WHERE IN NIGERIA, CALL 08093287471 OR VISIT: neolifeproducts.blogspot.com(click the fertilizer icon)

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