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Do you know that data analysis without interpretation is meaningless. Do you also know that using parametric statistics like ANOVA,T test without testing for equality of variances and distribution will likely give you a wrong result?Consult us for your BSc,MSc and PhD data analysis and interpretation projects.We assist is finding a good project topic and writing from chapter 1 to chapter 5.For the chapter 4,we make use of Parametric and Non Parametric Statistical Tools like ANOVA, Multivariate Analysis, Mann Whitney U, Kruskal Wallis, Chi Square, Multiple Regression, Weighing Average-Least Square Regression, Factor Analysis, Questionnaires analysis using Likert Scale etc.For more enquiries, call CAFEM Consult on Whatsapp:08066894470,09054014163

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  1. Avoid transactions outside your tertiary institution.

  2. Meet Face to Face in an open space.

  3. Do not send payment for items you have not see.

  4. If an ad looks like a scam, it most likely is, avoid those.

  5. Kindly use the send message button to reply instead of immediately sharing details.

  6. Do not reply to emails hidden in text or pictures of ads.

  7. Do not carry large sum of money when meeting seller.

  8. Inform or go with a friend when going to trade.

  9. Don't ship items - Always meet face to face.