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We are EXCELLENT TAAMIRO PACKAGING LTD . We are a printing services and products packaging name in the Printing services industry. Our audience is products rebranding and food packaging. EXCELLENT TAAMIRO PACKAGING LTD makes/does high quality printing services through our process of products nylon gravure printing. We produce packaging nylon for all product packaging like peanut packaging nylon, bread printed wrapper, tissue and serviette, bottle water label, powder and grain packaging nylon, soap packaging nylon, pop corn , chin chin packaging nylon and sack bag printing, shopping bag production plain and printing. Call or Whatsapp:07016205781

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  1. Avoid transactions outside your tertiary institution.

  2. Meet Face to Face in an open space.

  3. Do not send payment for items you have not see.

  4. If an ad looks like a scam, it most likely is, avoid those.

  5. Kindly use the send message button to reply instead of immediately sharing details.

  6. Do not reply to emails hidden in text or pictures of ads.

  7. Do not carry large sum of money when meeting seller.

  8. Inform or go with a friend when going to trade.

  9. Don't ship items - Always meet face to face.