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We are pleased to introduce to you Tee-K Choppyz-Pap. It is an ideal brand of pap (Akamu/Koko/Ogi) for you and your family. We understand that preparing pap from scratch can be time consuming and that is why Tee-K Choppyz is poised to provide you with hygienically processed and packed in a conducive and neat environment. Our Pap is produced and packaged WITHOUT the addition of chemicals i.e NO preservatives. All our raw materials are natural and our machineries and production staff maintain the utmost level of hygiene to ensure that our products stay clean and safe. In the quest to ensure the safety of our prestigious customers, Tee-K Choppyz conducts bi-annual medical examination for Food Handlers. Now you can enjoy another good and unique taste of pap at the comfort of your homes. Babies and Children are not left out as they need loads of nutritious food everyday to grow stronger. Your satisfaction is our delight hence the reason for having various variants which contains extra nutritional ingredients such as Soybeans, Groundnut, Cinnamon, Ginger, beetroots, tiger nuts, Garlic, Cloves, Crayfish etc. Apart from the nutrients found in the grains, these herbs, most especially Cloves and tiger nuts serve as stimulant and aphrodisiac for both men and women hence, you are not only enjoying the uniqueness in taste but also giving your body system a good treat. At Tee-K Choppyz, we create value from our traditional herbs and foods and our prices are reasonable and affordable. We deliver freshly to all axis in Lagos. For your bookings and further enquiries, kindly contact us on these numbers 08029477240 (whatsapp), 08187023612 and 08143124960 or via email at teekchopyz@gmail.com. ……………pap redefined

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    WHY BUY TEE-K CHOPPYZ PAP? There are many explanations why Tee-K Choppyz Pap is the ideal brand of Pap (Ogi/Akamu/koko) for you and your family. However, we will just name a few. HYGIENIC & HARMLESS: Tee-K Choppyz Pap is produced and packaged WITHOUT the…

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